Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

LUFTHANSA streicht Israelflüge Frankfurt - Tel Aviv


The flights expected to be canceled on the Israel route are:

* Monday-Thursday, February 22-25, Flight 686, Frankfurt-Tel Aviv
* Monday-Thursday, February 22-25, Flight 687 Tel Aviv-Frankfurt
* Tuesday, February 23, Flight 690, Frankfurt-Tel Aviv
* Wednesday, February 24, Flights 691, Tel Aviv-Frankfurt

Lufthansa flights on the Munich-Tel Aviv route will continue as planned, as will Flight 690 from Frankfurt on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and Flight 691 to Frankfurt on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Lufthansa's customer service center can be contacted on 1-800-9371937. Updated information on the flights and expected cancellations is provided on the company's website.

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