Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Israelische “Nuclear” Gruppe hackt saudische Kreditkarten


Der Hacker – Krieg zwischen den arabischen Ländern und Israel geht weiter. Die israelische “Nuclear” Hacker Group veröffentlichte jetzt 4800 saudische Kreditkartendetails.

Hello people of the world, We are very proud to be at this moment. As you all know, a hacker named 0xOmar hacked into israeli Credit cards and sites to make some damage to the state of Israel. Now I, As an Pro-Israeli person, think, its going to be hard a long electronical war, but we will win. Nuclear Group is now helping Hannibal and more pro-israeli hackers in the world, to fight against the Arabs. So what we did is just that we hacked into one of the biggest banks in Saudi Arabia, and we are proud to publish 4,800 Arabs Credit Cards today. 0xOmar, And more Arabian Hackers, War is not over… Dont forget to share,use and enjoy the information. Contact us on 

Hier der Link zu den Kreditkarten:

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