Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Computer - Schultafeln in Nordisrael


Da wäre ich auch gern in die Schule gegangen. Aber leider galt zu meiner Schulzeit der Photokopierer schon als der super Fortschritt. Und wer träumte in den 80igern von Internet oder überhaupt einem Handy ? 

Israeli high schools are now teaching students in "smart" classes using new technology to improve the country's educational methods. Three hundred classrooms and over 50,000 students in northern Israel have converted, and JN1's Sivan Raviv went to Tirat Carmel to talk to students and organisers. Israel's goal is to reduce the education gap between central Israel and the periphery. Upon completion of this $20 million USD project, roughly 100,000 students will be learning in "smart" classes funded by international Jewish donors in partnership with the Israeli government and World ORT.

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