Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

Syrische Luftwaffe bombardiert das eigene Land



Rockets Slam into Buildings and Houses in Baba Amr in Homs City on Monday, February 6, 2012 as the depraved Baathist Dictator Bashar Assad orders his Alawite led Army to Destroy as much of the City as they can in order to pave the way for an Army Invasion later this week,( Thursday by some army accounts. ) Hundreds of people have been killed here in the last few days in this city and hundreds, perhaps thousands, more have been wounded and maimed. Most of the Sunni Generals and high ranking Sunni Military Officer have already been "liquidated" by the Alawite Regime as a "Preventative Measure" as the Regime fears they will defect and join the Free Syria Army. 

These reports are from fleeing Sunni military officers. (I am not being sectarian - I am just telling you the facts on the ground) Assad can only rely on one-third of the Army to fight for him so his fighting forces are weaker than they appear on paper. Groups of up to 50 soldiers and more defect on an almost daily basis, with many of the Defectors switching sides and joining the resistance movement freedom fighters of the Free Syria Army. Bashar Assad is an Alawite Sect Minority Ruler and he doesn't see the majority of the Syrian people as "his people" -- as most of us are of a different religion, Sunni Islam. Many Alawites consider Sunni Muslims to be feared and therefore to be ruthlessly controlled and they easily dehumanize us in their minds and will kill us all in order to maintain Alawite Supremacy in our nation. - In addition, Assad hails from a Baathist neo-fascist political party which has a totalitarian ideological basis and is more akin to a Stalinist - Leninist party or to a Fascist or Nazi political party and they therefore no problem ideologically justifying killing off half of the nation, or more, in order to maintain their position of power in Syria, The Baathists are cousins of Stalin and Mao and Mussolini and Hitler , men who killed tens of millions of people, and some Baath Party members have been quoted as saying that they will slaughter 100,000 and more if that is what it takes to stay in power. The outside world needs to either invade Syria now to stop the bloodshed or else NATO and the Americans and friendly Arab nations need to immediately arm our Free Syria Army who are defending our cities from the Assad forces.

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