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Ice Festival in Jerusalem


Vom 6. März bis zum 30. April 2012 findet zum ersten Mal in Jerusalem ein "Ice Festival" statt.
Wo ? Am alten Bahnhof.
Kostenpunkt: 65 Schekel / ca. 14 Euro Eintritt

IMRA listet die Details auf: 

Jerusalem International Ice Festival , 6.3-30.4.12 Ice City The Jerusalem Municipality and Isracard Company, in a production by Ariel Company, are creating a gigantic Ice City in Jerusalem The Jerusalem Ice Festival, March 6th-April 30th 

For the first time in Israel- Jerusalem will host the International Ice Festival 

The festival will take place March-April 2012 at the Jerusalem Train Site, and will include a spectacular exhibition and an attractive course for visitors Fairytale world, an ice bar, skating rinks, childhood stories, Jerusalem made of ice 

In Jerusalem an "Ice City" will be created where its famous sites would be sculpted with ice and presented in a giant complex, in a temperature of -10 degrees* hundreds of tons of Israel-made ice blocks * 35 expert Chinese artists, sculptors and builders will fly to Israel to sculpt the exhibits* An ice skating rink* an ice bar and performance space* tens of artistic sculptures presented with magnificent lighting* 

The festival is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, from Israel and around the world. *Visitors will receive coats on entrance 

This winter, Jerusalem will host the first International Ice Festival in Israel, which will be set for two months at the city's train site. The festival will showcase tens of colorful and artistic ice sculptures, skating rinks and a variety of experiences for art fanatics and their families. The festival arena includes a unique sculptures site and an additional skating area, and it is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad to Jerusalem. 

This festival, like its equivalents in Harbin, China and Bruges, Belgium and like many international ice festivals that take place around the world, is expected to draw people to Jerusalem from Israel and abroad. 

In the giant complex that will operate in a temperature of -10 degrees an ice sculpture exhibition will be established, divided into four sections: Jerusalem of Ice: The unique sites of Jerusalem, including the Tower of David, the Montefiore Flour Mill, the infamous "Monster" etc. Animals and Childhood Stories World: Characters from the childhood stories "Dira Lehaskir" ("Apartment for rent"), "Mitz Petel" ("raspberry Juice") etc. will be presented. 
Fantasy Arena: includes Sculptures from children's fairytales. The children will experience fairytale scenes and walk inside stories such as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and more. Unique ice slides will be set up so the children could slide and enjoy. 
Ice Bar: A bar area including ice sculptures by Jerusalem artists. The visitors will walk through the ice version of Jaffa Gate, and experience a unique course through the different arenas, also enjoying the skating rink installed. 

The festival's production is one of the most complex logistical operations ever to take place in Israel. A special 1500m arena will be brought from Belgium and installed by "Itzuv Bama" Company. A uniquely built cooling system will bring the temperature down to -10 degrees and insure a correct flow of air. Hundreds of tons of ice blocks will be made in Israel, and turned into spectacular exhibits and sculptures. Visitors will receive coats on entrance. 

This February, a group of 35 artists, sculptors, lighting technicians, designers and builders will arrive in Israel from China. During one month, they will install and design the Ice exhibition. The intense work will be accompanied by Israeli professionals and translators (The process of preparation and ice sculpting may be observed with special permits). 

A joint team from Israel and china is currently working on the festival's content, emphasizing the visitor's experience, combining the famous ice-sculpted sites of Jerusalem and the children's world. Plans and sketches are passed between the Chinese and Israeli teams in order to reach a tight concept, combining the ice experience with the unique experience Jerusalem gives to adults and children as one. 

 The event was initiated by Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Nir Barkat and Ariel Company CEO Mr. Zion Turgeman. The Jerusalem Municipality and Ariel Company have decided to make this festival a yearly winter tradition and turn it into a core event alongside other events that have taken place in the Capital in recent years, showing the tight connection between cultural events, tourism and the city's flourishing. This festival's echo demonstrates that it is en route to becoming one of the largest cultural events Israel has ever seen so far. 

Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Nir Barkat, said: "The revolution of culture in Jerusalem will break new records this year. The international ice festival, one of the largest in the world is joining the list of leading festivals in the city that have already gained an international recognition such as the Opera festival, the Light festival and the Hutzot Hayotzer Festival". 

Ariel Company CEO, Mr. Zion Turgeman said: "The unique festival is part of the concept that the Mayor leads to hold large international festivals in Jerusalem, attracting artists from around the world, allowing the Israeli public to enjoy an impressive artistic experience and attract a large and varied audience of families as well as art fanatics." 

The project is sponsored by Isracard Company and Yahav Bank. 
Entry fee: 65NIS. For ticket orders and purchase: "Bimot" 02-6237000 or *6226 Further details can be found online: For more information, please contact Inbar Mayo at 03-5598438.

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