Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Das ägyptische "Bruderschaftskalifat"


FRUMLIFE bringt einen interessanten Artikel mit eindeutigen Links zur MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD (Muslimische Bruderschaft). Europa sollte vorsichtig sein, sich mit der Bruderschaft einzulassen und diese als Friedenspartner anzuerkennen. Wer dies tut, der kennt deren wahre Ziele nicht oder will sie nicht kennen.

Weiterhin empfiehlt "Frumlife" den Blog des OMAR DAKHANE. Ein Blog, welcher die arabische Sicht der Dinge beschreibt und dessen Lesen ein Muss ist. Hier eine Kostprobe aus Omars Blog: 

The illusion in which the Muslim Brotherhood lives is very hard to imagine for a normal person. Their whole political system is built upon stirring up emotions with fiery speeches that are full of superstitious promises. What keeps them going is that they have found people who are willing to listen to them, so now they have pushed it too far and started making promises they know they surely can’t keep. Their obsession with the Palestinian problem always raises a lot of question marks, especially as it seems that these people don’t care about anyone except the people in Gaza. This confirms what I have said before; “That problem is their capital and the source of all their income, and it’s a business that generates a lot of profit for them, and they will never give it up”. They constantly try to undermine the importance of the main cities of Islam, which are Mecca and Medina in favor of Jerusalem, for clearly commercial and opportunistic reasons. Naïve is the only word I can think of to describe anyone who believes that the MB cares about the suffering of people anywhere. They only care about what they can achieve for themselves out of those people’s suffering. They sold most of their principles as soon as they got close to power, and now they want us to believe that they will keep the rest of their principles if they really got to power. You can’t trust the Brotherhood anytime, anywhere. 

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