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Gastbeitrag: Zum Terrorattentat in Hebron


Der Gastbeitrag eines Anglo - Freundes von mir:

Although I remain anonymous I am happy to write replies to anyone who comments:) I think the pictures are important. The one celebrating terror is from a Reuters article and the one terror is from Arutz 7...hope it is OK--remember, you asked me to write it:)

Why? (by orfand:))
Talya Imes, who was nine months pregnant, her husband, Yitzchak, Kochava Even Chaim and Avishai Shindler were laid to rest today in Israel by their families. Why? Was it because they dared to drive home on a public road? Was it because road safety checks were taken down as a "goodwill" gesture? Or was it because of pure evil and vile hatred? It could be all or neither. There are conflicting reports, but apparently the terrorists waited in ambush and fired on the vehcle to disable it. Then they walked over and murdered the occupants at close range--there were no survivors. Look at the picture Reuters posted. Not of the site, not of the victims or the mourning all over the country, but of the joy and celebrations in the West Bank at the news of dead Israelis.

The news of the world refuses to mention the unborm child of Talya Imes, saying only that four Israelis were "killed". BBC (from Ramallah of course) ran a piece blaming the "settlers" for living illegally on "Palestinian" land and the frustration of the "poor refugees". Wait--what? Terrorists ambush and murder innocent people and it is not their fault? The news says PA forces are making arrests--oh really? The PA looks for every excuse to "arrest" Hamas because Hamas and the PA are in their own private war for control. Make no mistake--the PA gets just as excited about dead Jews as Hamas.

Has hatred of Jews and Isreal taken on such a force that innocent people can be ambushed and murdered in cold blood and there is no outcry? When former chief rabbi Ovadia Joseph, aged 89, invoked an ancient prayer calling for the destruction of our enemies (then named a few of them) the world screamed "incitement, hatred, racist" for Three Days!--but for five dead Jews...meh.

Foolish people say that if there was a "Palestinian" state this would not have happened. That-is-Not-True. Every concession Israel has ever made, results in death for Israelis. Why? Because we are dealing with an ENEMY--Not a peace partner. Read the Koran--Listen to the vile speaches coming from their media, mosques and leaders every single day. All of our surrounding "neighbors" carry a telling section in their charters calling for the destruction of Israel. The PA affirmed this in their conclave in Bethlehem and the famed "man of peace" Abbas in his "official" photo stands in front of a map showing "All of Israel" as belonging to the PA. Look at your own countries. Go to the neighborhoods where streets are blocked--while muslims bus in from all over to "take possession". Look at Europe. You may say "this isn't in my city, neighborhood or street" or that "it is only a few radicals". You are Wrong and if you do not wake up and fight to keep the freedoms that good men and women have died for over the years, it only be a distant memory. If that pesky Israel is finally destroyed--what will you do when islam comes for you?

If you are still reading, I ask that as in these final words you consider yourself, or family member or friend driving home on a public highway--shots ring out and your vehicle stops. As armed men approach, you realize that you are helpless because your private weapon had recently been confiscated--in the name of peace, maybe? Perhaps that may have been how Yitzchak and Talia Imes (9 months pregnant) felt. They left behind six orphans. Did Kokhava Even-Chaim, 37, a teacher with an 8 year old daughter, know that her husband, Maimon (a Zaka volunteer) would find her lifeless body when he arrived on the scene to offer help? And newly married Avishai Shindler, only 24--did he realize he would never see his wife again or realize the joy of having children and grandchildren? What would you think in those last moments?

Talya Imes, who was nine months pregnant, her husband, Yitzchak Imes, Kochava Even-Chaim and Avishai Shindler. As the mournful prayers from the tiny synagogue next to my building rise past my window, I cry to Hashem.

Today, All of Israel mourns the loss of five innocent souls--but we will carry on, and we will survive--as we have over the centuries. The question is, will you?

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